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Abusive language/behaviour

2018-01-22 12:45:12 source: Author: Coolcoin

Abusive language/behaviour

Coolcoin prides itself on offering fair and equal service to all our coolcoiners. We understand the urgency of the market and we do our best to ensure all users are attended to and looked after. As cryptocurrency/blockchain grows in popularity we are experiencing high volumes of new users which in turn creates a greater workload for our team. We are expanding our team to be able to cope with the demands but unfortunately this sometimes still isn’t enough to handle the load. We appreciate our coolcoiners who are understanding of this situation and would like to remind our users that any abusive language/behaviour towards our team will NOT be tolerated. Persistent abuse may result in your account being disabled and your funds being credited back to you.

Abusive language/behaviour may include, but is not limited to;

  • Persistent swearing

  • Name calling(scatological language, berating customer support, )

  • Sexist comments (both explicit and implied)

  • Racist comments (both explicit and implied)

  • Irrelevant personal remarks (e.g. about your appearance)

  • Threats (e.g. I’ll have you fired, who is your boss!)

  • Accusations of various sorts (e.g personal attacks or threats)

  • Comments about your competency, knowledge, dedication()

  • Lack of co-operation/compliance (not providing requested information, avoiding resolutions, looking for an argument)