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Be a happy Coolcoiner

2018-06-27 22:45:25 source: Author: Coolcoin Team

Dear Coolcoiner: 

Over the past year, Coolcoin has gradually taken the right track with Coolcoiner's concern support, has also made gratifying achievements in operations, bringing good returns to Coolcoiners investors. 

Coolcoin achieved the following small goals: 

  1. Passed AUSTRAC registration, completed AML, KYC, CTM tests fulfilled Australian compliance. Now Coolcoin can provide fiats digital currency transactions for all Coolcoiners.

  2. Completed the angel round financing of 10 million Australian dollars. The investors are specialized investment institutions such as JU Capital, Quartet Fund etc..

Coolcoin will continue to provide professional trading services for Coolcoiners reward Coolcoiners through platform points. In the following days, you will see: 

  • Listing fiats trading pair, support for USD AUD;

  • Listing USDt trading pair;

  • Coolcoin will acquire enable the ix.com two-letter top-level domain, based on the operation status, continue to enhance the brand influence of the platform;

  • Launching the "Super Node" plan. The first 10 super nodes are set up as platform partners. For more details, please contact su@coolcoin.com before July 7;

  • Coolcoin will issue Coolcoin Credit(CCC), airdrop 3% of the total credit for Coolcoiners. 

  • Launching mobile APP 

Be a happy Coolcoiner. 

Coolcoin Team 




风雨同舟,我们一路走来,感谢有您,我们共创辉煌。 一年来,酷币网在 大家的关心与支持下逐步走上正轨,在运营上也取得了可喜成绩,给广大酷币儿及投资者带来了良好回报。 


  1. 通过AUSTRAC注册,并完成AUTRAC的AML KYC CTM测试,完成澳洲合规,酷币网可以为广大酷币儿提供法币与数字货币交易。

  2. 完成公司天使轮一千万澳币融资,投资方为聚资本、Quartet Fund等专业投资机构。


  • 上线法币交易对,支持美元 澳币充提交易; 

  • 上线USDt交易对; 

  • 酷币网将根据运营情况,收购并启用ix.com两字母顶级域名, 持续提升平台品牌影响力; 

  • 推出交易挖矿“超级节点”计划,首批设置10个超级节点作为平台交易挖矿合作方,有意合作者请于7月7日前,联系su@coolcoin.com; 

  • 酷币网将发行酷币积分(CCC),将积分总量3%积分用于回馈酷币儿; 

  • 上线手机APP。