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Premiere of ZJLT on CoolCoin

2018-05-21 22:11:55 source: CoolCoin Author: CoolCoin Team

Dear customers:


Coolcoin officially lists ZJLT on May 21, 2018 HKT


Brief introduction:

Full name of this project is Distributed Factoring Network(ZJLT), whose ecosystem is consisted of decentralized credits system financial business of application. Credits network is infrastructure for credits value, besides which, a pilot application would be receivable factoring with less risk based on the core enterprise accounts, with this the business process is reconstructed to improve the business efficiency. With this, the financing problems of small medium-sized enterprises will be solved.




Launch date: Nov. 2017

Whitepaper: Jan. 2018


Learn more

About ZJLT(http://www.zjleth.com/)

Whitepaper: (http://www.zjleth.com/ZJLT_Distributed_Factoring_Network_(cn)v1.0.pdf)



CoolCoin Team 

May 21, 2018