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Announcement on CoolCoin listing BitSTD

2018-04-11 19:44:40 source: Author:

Dear CoolCoin customers:


CoolCoin will start deposit business on Apr. 15 at 15:00 HKT have BSS/BTC trading pair on Apr.16 at 15:00 HKT.


Brief Introduction:


BitSTD is engaged in becoming the Standard & Poor's in the area of blockchain. BSS is the digital token for BitSTD, which will launch index products in digital currency market provide index consulting services, digital currencies market analysis report, digital currency ETF products, quantified strategy products, credit ratings so on. ETF, a digital currency, mainly get dividends through funds gaining customers holding BSS enjoy the dividends right of ETF. For example, customers apply for purchasing BSI7ETF after fund increasing its values sell BSI7ETF redeem the invested digital currencies, during which it shall be regarded as the returns for BitSTD supporters with this 1% of increased value.


BitSTD, based on the technology of blockchain, solves the problems of traditional finance ETF centralization, makes high efficiency for ETF fund based on BitSTD. The decentralization of blockchain has bring the blockchain ETF more credibility easy supervision. Simultaneously, compared with active investment, ETF has better performance less risk, which makes it have high practicability on the digital currency market.


Project Name: BitSTD   In short: BSS


Official website:https://www.bitstd.org


CoolCoin Team

Apr. 11, 2018