All In Progress Upcoming Completed Over

1. Depoist coins, which would hard fork or obtain Candy coins, into your Coolcoin account;

2. Snapshot: Coolcoin will take snapshots at every required height. Please do not transfer your assets during snapshot.

3. Distribution: Coolcoin will be ready to credit Candy coins when it is safe.

4. Collection: Coolcoiners have to click collect bottom to obtain your Candy coins.

Important Notice:

1. Coolcoin will help Coolcoiners to obtain all the Candy coins, but Coolcoin might not list them;

2. All Candy coins come from free distributions of development team, or from hard forks of exiting coins;

3. If coin hard fork fails, Coolcoin would terminate hard fork without any notice;

4. There are plenty of risks of all Candy coins, and Coolcoin would not be responsible for them;

5. Coolcoin will notice deposit/withdrawal time when it is safe to do so. All Coolcoiners should be aware of risks of depositing Candy coins.